Social Entrepreneurship
Amplify Awards

Social entrepreneurs can face a lot of difficulty raising financial capital.

As part of the government’s effort to raise awareness and support social entrepreneurship in Malaysia, MaGIC has been mandated to support the sector through a dedicated social entrepreneurship unit and fund of RM20 million.

The Amplify Awards saw

250 Attendees
40+ Applications
RM500k Committed Funding

Meet the award recipients

Epic Homes – Rural Developement

Epic Homes focuses on building relationships between the urban and rural divide through the activity of building homes for underprivileged Malaysians.

Mabul Skills Project - Youth Employability

Mabul Skills Project trains long-term unemployed youth on Mabul Island basic skills such as English, Malay, Chinese and Math, and hospitality to help them gain employment in the hospitality industry.

Makanlah - Nutrition

Makanlah partners long-term unemployed youth with a celebrity chef to teach them to cook healthy, affordable food and train them to be food entrepreneurs.

Tonibung - Affordable Green Energy

Tonibung brings cost-effective, sustainable resource management solutions to under-served rural indigenous communities in the Malaysian states.

Arus Academy - Education

Arus Academy teaches STEM and 21st century skills like coding to underserved schools.

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