Social Enterprise Roundtables & Blueprint

Social entrepreneurship is gaining popularity fast, but still remains unfamiliar ground to many.

MaGIC’s Social Entrepreneurship team embarked on a nationwide tour to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by local social entrepreneurs. The roundtable attracted over 220 people from 150 organisations, multiple sectors, positions from director to volunteer and all the key players related to social entrepreneurship.

The blueprint aims to create awareness through community building, build engagement through MaGIC Academy, and show commitment by investing in social ventures

6 MaGIC Social Enterprise bootcamps in 5 cities

4 workshops in 3 regions

6 dialogues in Cyberjaya

The blueprint will catalyse impact-driven enterprises through the following:

  1. Creating legitimacy, credibility and framework to accelerate the development of the sector

  2. Supporting social entrepreneurs through capacity building & financial capital.

  3. Building connectedness and a stronger social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Malaysia through outreach, events and partnerships.

SE roundtables across 9 states

10 community events

30 targeted districts for rural outreach

SE in the News

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NST | MaGIC to produce 200 social entrepreneurs by year-end

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Borneo Post | MaGIC boost for aspiring entrepreneurs in Sabah

The Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre Berhad (MaGIC), an incorporated body under the Prime Minister’s Department, has expanded its wings to Sabah, to help further spur entrepreneurship in the state...

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Borneo Post | MaGIC, iCube hold roundtable discussion on Malaysia’s social enterprise

Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), an agency under Ministry of Finance, held its first Social Enterprise Roundtable for Kuching...

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MaGIC’s Social Entrepreneurship division is where like-minded, ambitious and conscientious individuals come together to save the world, and do it in style

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