Coding Bootcamps

Four years ago, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously proclaimed that software is eating the world.

IIn the time since, software has revolutionized industries from entertainment to transportation to finance, proving that programming literacy is a critical skill. However, most schools today don't do enough to prepare knowledge workers for world of web and mobile applications.

In August, we launched 3 programs that have since devoted over 25,000 hours of training to develop 100 developers and potential CTOs.

These programs have released over 90 freshly-minted developers into the world.

(And by the time you’re reading this, another 40 will have joined them.)

The ALPS Apprenticeship

with VLT Labs

6 months intense pair-programming training for aspiring developers and startups looking for technical talent

10 apprentices trained

28 startups brought to MVP

“Our product was successfully re-built by the apprentices in the ALPS program. GoGet was able to scale upwards without having to permanently hire a huge team.”

- FC, Founder

“It gives us a second chance to mend and learn from our mistakes which is the best teaching environment in building a great product and business.”

- Razif Hashim, Founder

Programmer Finishing School

with CodeMalaysia

6 month mentorship training program for third and final year Malaysian Computer Science students

64 students trained to be developers

“I’ve learnt to be more team-oriented. We also get to meet industry professionals who are very inspirational and insightful. Through the program, I understand more about teamwork and I continually learn to improve.”

– Imran Ismail, UniKL Student

“ Stop thinking about yourself as not having the required skills. Skills can be learned. It is when you decide to take charge of your own life and action that great things happen.”

– Adrian Ching, UM Student

Web Development Bootcamp

with CodeDivision

A 9-week, full-time bootcamp for anyone looking to learn Ruby on Rails

40 civilians turned Ruby ninjas

“The Bootcamp taught me how to think like a developer, I am now able to better manage my team and plan our technology roadmap for the future.”

– Tan Fung Wei, student-turned-CTO for

“The best part of the program has probably been the people that I’ve met through coding class and MaGIC. Kick-ass giler.”

– Wei Jia, office-worker-turned-startup-founder of Artisan Food Co

A little bit of international recognition

NIKKEI Asia Review | Government stokes entrepreneurial fires

Two days after giving up a well-paid job and five-year career as a management consultant, Daniel Lim is getting to grips with a Web app framework at a developer boot camp. This, he hopes, will be the first step toward success in the rapidly evolving world of digital startups.

"I wanted to get out of my comfort zone," the Malaysian finance graduate said...

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BFM | ALPS Apprenticeship Program

ALPS is a project created for startups and aspiring developers and designers to achieve their dreams. Supported by MaGIC, the course helps junior developers to rapidly progress to become a mid to senior level developer while getting paid.

And for startups, it is a way to help them build their MVP at half the cost...

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Technical talent is an essential ingredient for building a startup hub here in Malaysia and beyond.

More importantly, it will decide the trajectory of your career. So what are you waiting for?

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