Project Cerebro

It’s critical that tech startups that have raised funding be put on the right path to growth.

We partnered with the global seed fund and accelerator 500 Startups to bring local founders together with the world’s foremost experts in web and mobile marketing to focus intensively on growth for two months.

Cerebro’s big picture goal was to do a brain transplant from a world-class growth hacker to these startup teams - build out their in-house growth teams, get them customers quickly, and prime them for their next major round of funding.

For 8 weeks, the growth hacker coaching these teams was
Juan Martitegui

  • "Everything we associate with startups follows from growth."
    ~ Juan Martitegui, Project Cerebro Instructor

The results were over 400 workshop hours of growth, marketing and distribution learning

  • "When you talk about eCommerce, you can’t ignore the importance of online marketing. Cerebro not only helped us with our sales, it gave me greater insights into one of the key arenas of our business."
    ~ Stephanie Chai, The Luxe Nomad
  • "Awesome insights to highly effective marketing techniques that we would’ve otherwise overlooked.”
    ~ Ross, iMoney
  • "What I learnt at Cerebro in 8 weeks, would have taken me months if not years to learn on my own. Definitely a game changer for startups looking to accelerate their customer acquisition."
    ~ Viren, Catch That Bus
  • "Increased our growth hacking skills, and increased our business by 20% month-over-month. Totally worth the commute between Jakarta-KL."
    ~ Budi, Orori

In 8 weeks, our startups learned to grow their way through South East Asia

Want to see the lessons learned by the Cerebro instructor Juan himself?

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