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Local and visiting entrepreneurial talent and investors didn’t have a space in Malaysia to call home. So we built one.

A true entrepreneur can work from anywhere - a coffeeshop, a garage, atop a waterfall deep in Taman Negara. Sometimes, though, working from those places can be isolating and distracting. Coworking spaces provide a safe environment where founders can test their ideas and connect with like-minded individuals.

In July, we launched a coworking space with the capacity to house over 150 entrepreneurs.

Here are a few of the over 50 companies who found a new home with us.

The right space at the right time can build communities, birth great companies, and transform entire cities

Our Startups made an impact in Year One

Amanz | Bagaimana Saya Bermula? – Kisah Disebalik Permulaan TheLorry.com

Nadhir pada awalnya bekerja di ABDA Group dan ditugaskan untuk mengetuai sebuah bahagian kurier baru...

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NST | Keep fit with WaW app

Malaysians who are having a hard time trying to motivate themselves to exercise now have support to goad them to go for long walks or runs with a new app called Walk-A-Win. It gives incentives and perks...

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Amanz | MapCloud Dan iKargo Memenangi Acara Ideas 2 Invest

Umum sedia maklum akan acara yang baru tamat minggu lepas, Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 di Malaysia yang...

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Vulcan Post | Wobb.my Brings Dream Job Opportunities To Malaysian Jobseekers

You arrive to the interview at a place separate from the office, odd, but not unheard of, and was sold by “this amazing work...

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In Year One, over 18,000 potential entrepreneurs passed through our doors

When will be your turn?

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