Entrepreneurs Dialogue

As every good entrepreneur knows, before you can start working on the solution, you need to define the problem.

In June, we organised a number of get-togethers for local entrepreneurs to discuss the strengths and weeknesses of the local ecosystem, the challenges they were facing personally, and the kind of help they were looking for.

58 startups attended

and discussed

  1. Awareness and Visibility

    The lack of ‘community spaces’, and local facilities to guide a technology business to traction and beyond.

    We opened our coworking space and host regular community events, and planned the MaGIC Accelerator Program to facilitate the building of and create visibility for regional startups.

  2. (Mostly Technical) Talent

    Difficulty in finding technical (software development/engineering) talent locally, and in access to foreign talent.

    Our coding bootcamp and MaGIC Academy is helping tackle the local talent issue, and we supported the issuing of MSC Status for Startups to help with the foreign talent issue.

  3. Startup Funding Options

    Current grants, which are highly focused on product development and not working/human capital development.

    We created MaGIC Central to help people navigate resources within the country. The MaGIC Accelerator Program has also drawn the eye of foreign venture capital to Cyberjaya.

  4. Regional and Global Access

    The mindset and skillset necessary to prepare local startups for expansion beyond Malaysian shores.

    Our global and regional programs, with locations as close to home as Singapore and as far away as Silicon Valley, aim to solve the access and mindset issues.

And 50+ other issues

MaGIC’s programs have solved or are currently tackling over 70% of the issues raised