Tech in Asia Singapore

To achieve scale on a regional level, Malaysian startups need access to neighboring ecosystems.

When ASEAN startups want to raise venture capital, they head to Singapore. Given the concentration of financial capital and government matching grants, Singapore will likely remain the financial hub of South East Asia for early stage venture capital and hence, it is important for Malaysian startups to have ties to the investor community across the Causeway.

The startups got to showcase their startups under the Malaysian pavilion, meet investors and other tech luminaries at a VIP dinner and other exclusive events

  • "MaGIC is playing a great role in facilitating and helping to grow the startup ecosystem in Malaysia, by creating better condition for fish to grow and teaching startups how to fish, instead of handing out the fish."
    - Law Tien Soon, Cloud Mobiz -
  • "Tech In Asia is a great place to get updates on the statrtup scene and network with investors. The event gave Encr8tor the Asean Exposure that we were looking for. MAGIC's Malaysia Pavilion which is suitably located gave us a centerstage (to present ourselves)."
    - Rizal Alwani Mohamed Nordin, Encr8tor -
  • "Great event to gauge the capability of local startups against international ones, not to mention being exposed to regional VCs."
    - Syed Ahmad Fuqaha, Katsana -
  • "MaGic has definitely lifted the profiles of Malaysian startups in Tech In Asia Singapore 2015 and showcase the creativity and innovation of each of them."
    - Jay Cheah, Firegent iASP Sdn Bhd -
  • "MaGIC is the true organisation that helps startup. From the Tech in Asia 2015, it helps local startup to experience the global startup scene and gives us the opportunity to find contacts and potential investors."
    - Amir Haris Ahmad, DNSVault Sdn Bhd -
  • ”MaGIC has provided Malaysian startups a solid platform to grow and prominent avenue to connect to the world.”
    - Tay Yen Pei, Nextwave Technology Sdn Bhd -

MaGIC will continue to conduct programs to gain visibility for Malaysia startups on the world stage